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Support For Care Experienced Young People

Most young people that have grown up in the care of the Local Authority start moving into independent living when they are 16 years of age. Choosing a life path and gaining independence is an exciting season in a young person’s life, but it can also prove to be daunting and vulnerable for many of those who have been cared for.

Despite the incredibly self-sacrificing care and support given by our local authority to these young people both practical and human resources are limited.

At hopespring, we aim to support our local authority and those vulnerable young people into independent living, and remind them that they have value and that there are those who care.

Each week, we provide in excess of 80kg of food to our Next Steps team.

The donation includes fresh vegetables and fruit, organic meats, some healthy ready meals, tinned and packaged foods as well as toiletries, household cleaning products, and any other items essential for getting settled into independent living.

We also make it our business to provide gifts for all children at the local authority adoption party.

We are also able to support young people with a Debt Cancellation programme and in accessing routes to employment. We operate a job club, supporting young people by raising their aspirations, helping them apply for jobs as well as prepare for interviews.

We know that life can be challenging for those leaving care but we also believe that these young people are filled with potential for hugely successful futures.

Our hope is that, in these small acts of kindness, we can remind care experienced young people that they are never alone and that they are capable of great things.