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In this difficult and challenging time for us all, there is somewhat of a crisis with those who are just leaving care.

At a very vulnerable time in their lives, with very few resources, they go to shop in a supermarkets and find shelves empty; what remains are the more expensive items they cannot afford. Many of these young people are very young and learning to live alone and fend for themselves.

Despite the fantastic support of our Local Authority, Social Services department, we have a crisis with our care leavers. In order to help, we have launched our food appeal whereby if a person were to purchase a box of organic meats, then the firm supplying would match and give us a box free. These supplies of entirely organic meat weighed 4.2kg priced at £30. Can we encourage you to purchase a box of organic meats for your family and in so doing you would be providing for our young people leaving care.

A £30 Luxury Meat Hampers, contains:

• Buffalo Meat Balls
• Cajun Pork
• Buffalo Red Wine Sausages

• Buffalo Steak Burgers
• Pork Skewers
• Farm House Sausages
• Buffalo Chilli Strips

All meat is free ranged, preservative free, high welfare and antibiotic free, and bred outdoors on the highest quality of UK farmland. The RRP for a comparable hamper of this weight from major national retailers would be well over £40.

Buying one hamper provides 15 square meals for Care Leavers completely free

Every time you purchase one of these meat hampers, we are able to donate an extra free hamper to be used to help Young Care Leavers in food crisis.

Every free hamper generated contains 15 full, balanced meals, including:

• Farmhouse Sausages
• Buffalo Burgers
• Trio of Pork Medallions

• Parmentier Potatoes
• Honey Glazed Carrots

What are you waiting for? Get your £30 Luxury Meat Hampers now and automatically generate 15 full meals for our Young Care Leavers today.

One of our friendly staff at Hopespring will contact you by the end of the next working day to arrange collection of your Luxury Meat Hamper.